Word collage for rehab and substance abuse2



Read each question carefully and completely. This resource is of no help to you if you do not answer each question fairly.  This online Assessment can provide Parents and Professionals with an incredible resource for Online help for teenage depression, as well as help for teenage drug addiction, along with other various disorders, issues, and problems or struggles your child may be experiencing.  All your answers are completely confidential.  Your answers you give here are not saved, and No personal information is requested from this assessment. Remember, if you answer any question incorrect or attempt to manipulate the assessment, then you will not receive a helpful or effective outcome this resource can provide.  This Assessment is to help you determine the severity of the child's issues so you can determine the urgency for help.  


Some disorders such as an attentional disorder may not seem as severe, unless it begins to hinder schooling, and you soon see a spiral affect.  However, more serious issues such as substance abuse may require immediate help for teenage drug addiction before time runs out.  Another heads up is getting online help for teenage depression before a severe turn heads toward suicidal thoughts or attempt.  Therefore, we cannot stress the importance for you to simply take the online assessment to ensure help for your teen if there is a possibility of teenage depression, drug addiction, emotional distress, suicidal tendancies, etc.  We look forward to helping you and your teenage child.